Special Sessions Past and Present

Upcoming Special Sessions

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Fall 2020 – Acoustics Virtually Everywhere

  • Acoustic Optimization: Methods and Applications (organized by M. Shepherd)
  • Domain Truncation Techniques for Exterior Problems (organized by A. Bonomo and B. Goldsberry)
  • Ray Methods Across Acoustics (organized by M. Swearingen and J. Cooper)

Past Special Sessions

Spring 2020 – Chicago Meeting:

Cancelled. (No special sessions.) 

Fall 2019 – San Diego Meeting:

  • Application of Model Reduction in Computational Acoustics (organized by K. Wu and K. Wilson)
  • Parabolic Equation Methods Across Acoustics (organized by J. Cooper, M. Swearingen, and S. Maruvada)
  • Also, our first General Topics session was held at this meeting (co-chaired by J. Cooper and M. Morgan)

Spring 2019 – Louisville Meeting:

  • Finite Difference Time Domain Method Across Acoustics (organized by M. Swearingen, J. Cooper, and S. Maruvada)

Fall 2018 – Victoria, Canada Meeting:

Our first meeting as a TSG! (No special sessions.)