Purpose of the Computational Acoustics Technical Committee

Computational acoustics is a rapidly expanding area of acoustics attracting a broad range of researchers and practitioners. Many work on computational methods involving applications and research innovations that span multiple ASA technical committees. The CA TC provides a dedicated venue through which this community can exchange their recent research results and experiences.

Technical Scope of the CA TC

  • Numerical methods for acoustic wave propagation, scattering, structural interactions, and other acoustically related phenomena.
  • Optimization, parallelization, and acceleration of computational algorithms.
  • Validation, benchmarking, and uncertainty analysis in computational models.
  • Computational learning methods, data analytics, and visualization.
  • Practical utilization of acoustical computations for engineering and noise control, and integration into other simulations.


Brief History of the CA TC

In 2017, members of the ASA began collecting signatures to form a new Technical Specialty Group (TSG) on Computational Acoustics. A petition was subsequently submitted to the ASA Executive Council and approved at the Minneapolis meeting in May 2018. The TSG held its first official open meeting in Victoria, Canada, in the Fall of 2018, and organized its first special sessions for the Louisville meeting in Spring 2019. Our Early Career Presenter Award was initiated for the Fall 2021 meeting (“Acoustics Virtually Everywhere”). In Feb. 2022, the TSG met the threshold of 2% of the ASA membership indicating computational acoustics as their primary interest, at which time the TSG submitted a petition to the ASA Executive Council to become a Technical Committee, which was approved at the Denver meeting in Spring 2022. Finally, at the Nashville meeting in Fall 2022, we held our first official open meeting as the CA TC!

The following Acoustics Today article provides some additional background on the CA TSG: https://acousticstoday.org/technical-specialty-group-report-computational-acoustics-d-keith-wilson/.


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