CA TSG members come from all areas of acoustics and have very diverse interests in computational methods and software. They work in academia, industry, and government labs. We welcome your participation and ideas for how the ASA can better support computational acoustics!

Anyone is welcome to attend TSG open meetings (which are held in conjunction with the ASA’s semi-annual meetings) whether you are an ASA member of the TSG or not. To become an official voting member of the TSG, however, you must be an ASA member (Student, Associate, or Full) and be nominated. If you are interested in joining the TSG, please click on the link below or sign up at one of our TSG meetings. The Chair will then nominate you for consideration at the next Spring meeting of the ASA.

D. Keith Wilson, TSG Chair, Term to 2024
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Hanover, NH 03755-1290

Amanda Hanford, Technical Program Organizer
Pennsylvania State University, Applied Research Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802

Laura Brill, Early Career Presenter Award
Threshold Acoustics LLC
Chicago, IL 60604

Kimberly Riegel, Web Site Administrator
Queensborough Community College
Bayside, NY, 11364

Term to 2024

Ramesh Agarwal
Thomas Bowling
Laura Brill
Andrea Calilhanna
Alex Carr
Will Doebler
Zhixiong Gong
Aiguo Han
Trevor Jerome
Nick Maltsev
Sheri Martinelli
Cameron McCormick
Jorge Moy
Nicholas Ortega
Emma Reeves Ozanich
Daniel Park
Michael Porter
Elena Shabalina
Blake Simon
Michelle Swearingen
Christopher Tam
Diego Turo
Brian Tuttle
Andrea Vecchiotti
Roland Woodcock
Z. Charlie Zheng
Zhaozhong Zhuang

Term to 2023

Ross Alter
Willem M. Beltman
Matthew Blevins
Daniel J. Brooker
Gregory Bunting
Kedar Chitale
James J. DeGrandis
David R. Dowling
Kent L. Gee
Aaron M. Gunderson
Amanda D. Hanford
Alex Higgins
Marcia J. Isakson
Matthew Kamrath
Brandon M. Lee
Steffen Marburg
Sarah McComas
Scott T. Miller
Mallory Morgan
Kyle R. Myers
John N. Noble
Vladimir E. Ostashev
Harshal Prakash Patankar
Jonathan Rathsam
Kimberly Riegel
Jerry W. Rouse
Shung H. Sung
Stephen H. Swift

Term to 2022

Anthony L. Bonomo
Jennifer L. Cooper
Libertario Demi
Mahdi Farahikia
Jerry H. Ginsberg
Yun Jing
Ralph T. Muehleisen
Andrew A. Piacsek
Sean M. Reilly
Micah Shepherd
Victor W. Sparrow
Jason E. Summers
Martin D. Verweij
Michael Vorländer
Timothy F. Walsh
Kuangcheng Wu